15 Creative Ways You Can Spend Time With God

My guess is you have a lot going on, a lot of plates spinning in your life. And spending time with God often takes a backseat to the dozen things that need to get done. We’ve all been there and struggled with that. 

But the reality is, if you want to grow your faith there’s no other way other than to spend time with God. Just like any relationship, if you want it to grow you need to invest time into it. 

So, we are going to look at how to spend time with God even when our lives are crazy. It’s going to take some work, but I believe if you do this your life and faith will grow. 

15 Ways You Can Spend Time With God

I want to give you 15 different ways you can spend time with God. Now, I want to be clear you probably should’t do every single one. Different personality types will be drawn to some and not be interested in others. That’s fine. Pick two or three that work for you and give it a try. 

One more note. I’ve noticed that when most Christians are looking for ways to spend time with God the most common piece of advice given is to read the Bible and pray. But I think that advice falls a little flat. It’s not wrong, but exactly what that means is kind of convoluted. 

So, in this blog post I want to give you creative ways you can connect with God through the Bible and prayer and also other ways. We are all created different and will connect with God in unique ways. 

Alright, let’s dive in! Here’s how to spend time with God in some unique ways. 

1. Prioritize It 

We make time for what we value the most. I hear from people regularly, “I don’t have time to connect with God.” But the real problem is they haven’t prioritized it in their life. 

If you want to grow your faith you need to make it a priority. That means that it needs to take a prominent spot on your calendar and something else needs to be bumped down. 

Now, I know that’s not easy. It means you are going to have to say no to something that is important and that you likely enjoy. But if you want to grow your faith you need to prioritize spending time with God daily. 

2. Do Something You Enjoy Along With It

Attaching something you already enjoy to spending time with God it will create a positive correlation. This could mean that you drink a cup of coffee when you pick up your Bible. Or you watch the sunrise as your pray. Or something totally different. 

Let the joy of that little thing create joy in the time that you spend with God. 

3. Pick Up A Bible Study 

Most of us know that we should probably read the Bible more. But knowing where to start and what to actually do can be daunting. That’s why for most people the best place to start is with some sort of guide. 

I highly recommend Mark Moore’s books Core 52 and Quest 52. These simple 15 minute daily readings will help you connect with God and understand the Bible better. They are INCREDIBLE. Plus there’s kids/teen versions as well! 

You can buy them here:

4. Write Out Your Prayers 

If you are like me it can be hard to pray sometimes because your brain is going in a thousand different directions. One way to reign your brain back in is to write out your prayers. This forces you to spend a little more time focusing on your words because you can’t write as fast as you can think. 

The added benefit of this is that you can look back on your prayers weeks, months, or even years later and see how God has answered them. 

I personally use this journal: Moleskine Classic

5. Create A Prayer Room/Closet 

Maybe you have a small space in your closet or under your stairs. Why not turn it into a prayer room? It can be a great place to find solace and connect with God. 

It can be as simple as you want it to be. A desk, lamp, and something to pin prayers too is a great start! But if you are the creative type you can paint, add artwork, and anything that will help you pray. 

6. Write Music/Poetry 

This isn’t for everyone, but for some music and poetry are a great way to connect with God. This is basically what David in the book of Psalms did. He wrote poetry that described what he was going through and feeling. He even turned some of his prayers in songs. 

Now, these don’t have to be shared, they can simply be between you and God. But this can be a great way to spend time with God. 

7. Go For A Walk 

I have a hard time sitting still. If I’m not moving my mind starts wandering. This means a great way for me to spend time with God is to go for a walk. I do this almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. 

The movement helps me focus and being outside gives me more things that point me to God. Plus it’s good exercise! If you are like me and struggle to pay attention for long periods of time, try walking. You can even pop your earbuds in and listen to the Bible being read via Youversion’s Bible app! 

8. Practice Thanksgiving

A few years ago, my wife and I started to say what we are thankful for at the end of every day with our toddler. This practice helps us see what God did even on an average, or not so good day. 

If you are struggling to know what to pray about, just think of the things you are thankful for and then thank God he gave them to you. It doesn’t have to be big things; it can simply be the sunset, a friendship, a yummy meal you ate, anything that brought you joy to thank God for. 

9. Get Out Of Your Normal Habits 

Sometimes we can get in ruts. Each day looks and feels the same and we just go through the motions. Spending time with God can also fall in these ruts. It can feel kind of stale. The best thing to do is to break your normal habits. 

For me I like to get away for the day. We live close to the mountains so I’ll go for a hike, find some place quiet in nature. This re-centers me and helps me find a new way to spend time with God. 

Now you don’t have to go to the mountains or go far. Just break your normal routine. Go somewhere close by or just redo your schedule for the day. Break your routine and find a new way to connect with God. 

10. Go Serve Somewhere 

A great way to spend time with God is to go serve. Find a church or a ministry near you and go serve there a couple times a month. 

There’s something that happens when we serve with no expectation to get anything in return. Typically when we give of ourselves we end up gaining a closeness with God. It’s a great way to spend time with God. 

11. Pray Through A Psalm 

There is a Psalm for just about anything you are going through or feeling. And reading through a Psalm is a great way to study God’s Word. But you can also pray through that Psalm. 

The Psalms can teach us how to pray and direct us when we don’t know how to pray. They are powerful to spend time with God. 

Want to know how to pray through the Psalms? Here’s a great guide that will walk you through it: How You Can Pray through the Psalms

12. Write Out A Passage In The Bible 

This is another trick for those of you who struggle to stay focused. Instead of just reading the Bible, write out a passage. This will force your brain to give more attention to what you are doing, and it will help you remember what you just read. 

If you write these out on index cards you can place your favorite passage on mirrors, around the house, or in your prayer room. These can serve as reminders of what God has done for you, continuing to bring you to spend time with God. 

13. Listen To A Sermon 

When I’m at the gym or in the car I will often listen to a sermon. This is a great way to find some “extra” time to connect with God. 

Whatever podcasting app you use there are TONS of churches that upload their sermons every week. Plus, you can listen to Storyline’s (where I preach) messages here: Storyline Podcast

14. Look For God In Everyday Life

In western culture we are go, go, go. We are always onto the next thing. But if we were to slow down a bit we would start to see God in everyday life. 

Instead of rushing to the next thing, look at what God is doing all around you. Look at nature, the people, inside you, and all over. God is constantly at work, we simply need to look. 

15. Commit To 30 Days 

Spending time with God is a habit. And habits don’t form magically, they form with intentionality on our part. If you are wondering how to spend time with God more frequently in your life then you need to commit to building that habit. 

If you commit to spend time with God for the next 30 days you will be well on your way to forming a new habit. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen overtime IF you are intentional. 

So, find ways to spend time with God and commit to giving it a shot. Set a reminder in your phone. Cut something out to make room. Do whatever you need to do and give it a shot for 30 days. I think you will be surprised at what God will do in your life and faith. You’ll be glad you did. 

Also check out: How To Depend On God (5 practical tips for relying on God)

Thank you for reading this blog post! I hope it helped you find some creative ways to spend time with God! If it did would you share it with a friend?

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