I created Rethink is to help followers of Jesus understand what the Bible says and how to align their life with God’s word.

Cultural preferences and traditions have influenced our beliefs about Jesus, the church, and the Bible. Many of the issues that Christianity is known for today are not the issues that Jesus concerned himself with. I think it’s time to rethink. I think it’s time to follow Jesus’ example. I think it’s time to do church differently. I think it’s time to read the Bible the way it was intended to be read. It’s time to rethink Jesus, Church, and the Bible.

You certainly won’t find all of the answers here (hopefully you will find some). I hope what you find here causes you to reexamine your beliefs and see what they are rooted in. Maybe you will find that you too need to rethink a few things.

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About The Author

Husband. Father. Pastor. Church Planter. Writer.

My name is Jeffery Curtis Poor. Some people call me Jeff, some Curtis. It’s confusing.

I’ve been married since 2013. We have a 4-year old boy.

I’ve long been fascinated by who Jesus was as a person and how he interacted with those around him.

I’m still overcome by God’s unremitting and dogged pursuit of his creation.

I have been a pastor for the past 12 years or so. Maybe more by the time you read this.

I took the scenic route getting my BA in Biblical Studies at Ozark Christian College.

I learned some disciple and took a more direct route in getting my Masters in Theology at Regent University.

I love ice cream. Like more than you are thinking.

I like to win at things. My wife doesn’t always appreciate that about me.

I can never decide if I prefer the beach or the mountains. Currently, I’m preparing to move to the mountains.

I love football. No seriously, I could watch it all day. I was born in Massachusetts, so you can guess who I cheer for.

I’m absolutely terrible at grammar and spelling. Please take these: “, . ? !” and insert them where needed.

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