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First, I’m thankful for YOU. I’m thankful you are here and apart of Rethink. It would not be the same without you!

I started Rethink almost 5 years ago and I have loved writing on this site! In the past year, there’s been tremendous growth! This blog has grown, and continues to grow, beyond where I ever thought it would!  That’s the GOOD news. But with that growth, the time and resources that it takes to run and maintain have also drastically increased.

I need you. The reality is I cannot do what I do without your support!

Let me just give you an idea of what things cost.

Costs Of Running Rethink

  • Site Hosting = $20 a month 
  • Editing/Schedulnig Software (for photos/videos/social media posts) = $30 a month
  • Professional Editor For Blog Posts = $10 – $20 per post
  • Website Themes = $60 a year
  • Marketing (social media/email) = $20 – $50 a month

The rough break down for the current cost to run Rethink is $150 – $200 a month (ontop of the 10+ hours a week of my time). As Rethink continues to grow this price will continue to rise.

Now, I do not run Rethink to make money. It actually does the opposite, it costs me money and time to keep this site running. But I gladly do it because I want to help people (like you) grow in their faith and fall in love with the Bible.

But to continue and make this sustainable I need your support. The costs of running this site continue to increase as does the time required of me. Your support makes this work sustainable for me to continue. 

I know that this isn’t for everyone. But I also know there are some of you that can spare a couple of dollars so that the ministry of this site can continue. If that’s you I would simply ask you prayerfully consider making a one-time gift or becoming a monthly supporter.

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For just a few dollars you can help support this site and allow more and more people to grow in their faith, fall in love with the Bible, and learn about who Jesus is.

It’s been my pleasure to serve you all and I hope to continue to produce content that helps you grow in your faith. If you have ANY questions please let me know

[email protected]

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