Guest Writing

If you are interested in guesting writing please read the guidelines below before submitting an article.

Guest Post Guidelines

You can look at a few of my articles to get an idea of what I look for and the vibe of the site. A good guest post has a unique voice but one that doesn’t feel out of place on rethink.

  • Length 1000-1600 words
  • Content broken into sections of roughly 300 words with headers (helps with readability) (example)
  • Please proofread your submission
  • Include a byline (you can link to your site)
  • I will find a photo and help edit the format

I do not currently post devotionals or reviews.

Guest Post Submission

Send your submissions as an attachment in a .word or .pages format. Please include the title, subject, and a brief description. If you have written before please link to previous work.

All submission or questions can be sent to: [email protected]

I will do my best to respond to each submission. But if you do not hear back within 3 weeks you can assume the article will not be posted. That doesn’t mean it was bad, rather that it just wasn’t the right fit for this site.