The Real Meaning Of Psalm 46:10 (Be Still And Know That I Am God)

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

This famous Psalm offers us incredible hope and teaches us a powerful lesson. The meaning of Psalm 46:10 shows us how we can find peace and rest amid the calamity of life. There’s so much in this verse for us today. 

If you take a few minutes to look through this passage I think your faith will be encouraged. Let’s jump in and look at the deeper meaning of this verse. 

The Context Of Psalm 46:10 

To help us better understand the Psalm 46:10 meaning we first need to look at the context in which it was written. Psalm 46 is a short chapter spanning only 11 verses. And in these few verses, the Psalmist exalts God for being his “refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.” 

The Psalmist likely wrote this after God rescued his people from some kind of threat. We know it was written about Jerusalem (Psalm 46:4), so it’s reasonable to assume they were attacked since much of this psalm is written with war language.

This Psalms describes a time when the Israelite’s world is falling apart. And we’ve all had a time like that, where the foundations of our life are shaken. The circumstances between us and the Israelites might be different, however, Psalm 46 still offers encouragement for us today. 

Despite the calamity, we see the Psalmist proclaim that God is a fortress and we need not fear. That was true for the nation of Israel thousands of years ago, and it’s true for us today. 

What’s interesting about Psalm 46 is that the majority of it is written in the third person as the Psalmist speaks about God. But when we get to Psalm 46:10 there is a shift to the first person as the Lord speaks. 

Psalm 46:10 - Be Still And Know That I Am God

The Meaning Of Psalm 46:10

Now that we know the context let’s take a look at the meaning of Psalm 46:10. 

Be Still 

The Hebrew word for “still” that’s used in Psalm 46:10 is Raphah (רָפָה) which means to “sink down, relax, let go, cease striving, or withdraw.” To “be still” doesn’t mean that we should be quiet, but rather that we should stop fighting and trust God.

Remember the context of this verse, it’s a time of conflict and war. This isn’t a call to be quiet, it’s a command to stop fighting. “Be still” means to stop the frantic activity, to let go, and to put down your weapons. Why? Because God’s in control. 

Think of Jesus calming the storm. The disciples were fighting the waves frantically trying to save themselves. But all they had to do was be still and look at the one who could calm the storm with just a few words. 

And Know That I Am God

Why should we be still? So that we can know God. To “know that I am God” means to “be aware of” or to “properly ascertain through sight.” 

When things in our life are going in the wrong direction we tend to lose sight of God. We focus on the storms around us, pick up our swords to fight, or simply give up. 

Psalm 46:10 shows us a different path, instead, we should be still and look to God. We need not worry or fight, God is still in control. 

When we are frantically running around trying to do everything ourselves, we lose sight of God and forget about his power. When we are still we can remind ourselves that God’s got us in his hands.  

I Will Be Exalted Among The Nations, I Will Be Exalted In The Earth

The Psalmist ends by placing God in his rightful spot. It’s not about us it’s about God. 

When we neglect to be still we can start building our own kingdoms and make everything about us. That path leads to a faulty foundation. When we place God in his proper place and recognize it’s his kingdom, then we will find peace… even if the world is falling apart. 

When we are still and acknowledge God he will be exalted on earth. 

What Psalm 46:10 Means For Us Today

The meaning of Psalm 46:10 challenges us to be still and place our trust in God. It’s a command to take time to pause and reflect so that we can remind ourselves that God is in control. 

When we are in times of conflict we don’t need to fight and carry the burden ourselves. He is stronger than the storm we are facing and when we place our trust in him he will lead us through. Therefore, we can cease fighting and instead look to God. 

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