The Encouraging Meaning Of Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 

These words were written in the middle of a difficult season, and they show us how God provides for his people. This verse offers us both encouragement and a challenge for how we ought to live. The meaning of Philippians 4:19 is one that every follower of Jesus should know. 

Let’s take a look at what this verse means. 

The Context Of Philippians 4:19 

Before we look at the Philippians 4:19 meaning, let’s take a brief look at the context. 

Philippians was written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Philippi. He penned these words while under house arrest in Rome. 

In Philippians 4 Paul describes how his readers can find joy and peace regardless of their circumstances. He’s saying that he has learned to be content regardless of whether his life is going well or terrible. Whether he’s hungry or well-fed. Free or in prison. Has much or nothing. He’s content not based on his circumstances, but rather on a person: Jesus. 

Paul has learned this skill by going through many trials and experiences. The encouragement in this section of his letter is to look to God for your source of joy. He will meet your needs. 

The Meaning Of Philippians 4:19 

Paul wrote these words when he was in a tough spot. But despite his circumstances, he is still experiencing joy and is content. The meaning of Philippians 4:19 is an encouragement to his readers to look to God. Even though it might appear Paul is in a bad spot, he’s confident God is in control and his needs will be met. 

My God Shall Supply All Your Needs

Paul is encouraging his readers that God will give them what they need to get through what they are facing. This is Paul’s story; he’s been through a lot and God has been with him and provided for him each step of the way. He knows that God will continue to provide for him; all he has to do is trust. 

We should note that this is not a promise that we will have an easy life and get everything we want. Paul went through many trials, but God was always faithful. And now he is confident that God will do the same for his readers. 

God is trustworthy and will provide for his children.

According To The Riches Of His Glory In Christ Jesus 

Their needs will be met through Jesus. What Paul is saying in Philippians 4:19 is that all this is possible because of what Jesus has done for us.

Again this doesn’t mean we will have everything we want, or even the things we think we need. God knows what we need better than we do. We can’t see what he sees or know what he knows. Therefore we should trust in his timing and provision. 

The promise of Philippians 4:19 is that God will provide, therefore we can trust him. We can boldly step into the calling he has given us because he will provide for whatever comes our way. 

How Philippians 4:19 Applies To Your Life 

So, how does the meaning of Philippians 4:19 apply to our lives? 

These words were originally meant to be an encouragement to the church in Philippi that God would provide for them. And that’s still true for us today. But there’s more in this passage we can learn from. Here are two lessons we can take away. 

1. Trust God 

Philippians 4:19 is a challenge to trust God. He cares about his people, and he has the power to provide. Paul is living proof of this; God has always provided for him. And now he’s telling us that God will do the same for us. 

Therefore, we can trust God. He has been faithful in the past, and he will be faithful in the future. Whatever you are facing, look to God for your provision. 

2. Leave The Consequences To Him

When we are facing trials and challenges it’s easy for us to think we know what we need. But often we don’t; we can’t always see clearly in the midst of storms. But God can; he can see what we can’t. We can trust God that he will provide for us even though it might seem like he’s not giving us what we need. 

Philip Yancey says, “Faith is believing in advance what will only make sense in reverse.” One day things will become clearer, and we will see how God provided in ways we can’t always see in the moment. 

For now, we trust God and leave the consequences to him. And when we do that I believe each of us will be able to say, “My God shall supply all your needs.” 

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