The Surprising Meaning Of Matthew 6:34 (do not worry about tomorrow)

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

Worry runs rampant in our culture and many are burdened under the “what ifs” in life. And thankfully God doesn’t leave us stuck in this place. The meaning of Matthew 6:34 is an invitation to step into peace and to let go of the things that are weighing us down. 

Jesus is inviting us to a better life. And I think that this verse will help you and challenge you to step into this life. Let’s start by looking at the context of Matthew 6:34. 

The Context Matthew 6:34 

In Matthew 5 – 7 we find the Sermon on the Mount; it’s the most famous teaching Jesus ever gave. Throughout this sermon Jesus is teaching his followers how life really works. It is shocking, countercultural, counterintuitive, and different than what any other teacher or philosopher was saying.

In Matthew 6 we see Jesus address practical topics such as giving to the needy, praying, fasting, storing treasures in heaven, and dealing with worry. 

Matthew 6:25-34 concludes this section with how to deal with worry and anxiety. While short, this section is beautiful. Jesus points to the birds in the sky and lilies in the field. Both are beautiful and cared for; they have no worries. God cares for them, but his children are FAR more valuable, and he will care for us too. 

The reality is many of us worry about things we cannot control and all that does is rob us of our joy. In this passage Jesus is inviting us to trust in him so that we can have peace. And that’s what leads us to the verse we are looking at in this post. 

So, let’s dive into the Matthew 6:34 meaning and see what we can learn. 

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Matthew 6:34

The Meaning Of Matthew 6:34

To help you better understand what the meaning of Matthew 6:34 is we are going to break down this verse into three sections. And then we will look at how we can apply it to our everyday lives. 

Therefore Do Not Worry About Tomorrow 

Whenever you see a “therefore” in the Bible you need to ask, what is it there for? In the case of Matthew 6:34 Jesus is concluding his thoughts on why we should not worry. God cares for the birds in the sky and the flowers on the ground, and he cares much more deeply for his children. 


We do not need to worry about tomorrow. The reality is worrying about tomorrow robs us of today. Further, worrying doesn’t fix anything (Matthew 6:27) it only takes. 

Because God wants what is best for us he wants us to not be stuck in worry; rather we should live in peace that God is in control. 

For Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself 

Many of you’ve heard the mantra, “one day at a time.” It’s a common statement for those recovering from addiction to cling to. Rather than worrying about fighting the temptation, tomorrow they recognize their addiction must be dealt with today. 

That same attitude should be how followers of Jesus approach life. When we worry about tomorrow we end up putting ourselves at risk to lose the battles of today. 

Rather we should take life one day at a time. Tomorrow will come and we can deal with it then, but for now focus on what is in your control. Today.

Each Day Has Enough Trouble Of Its Own 

Now, this passage doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make plans for tomorrow or that we shouldn’t use wisdom to prepare for the future. We should. He’s saying we shouldn’t worry about it. We should do what is in our control and trust God with the rest. 

God is a good father that cares for his children. He knows what we are facing and what we need. Today has plenty of troubles and battles for us to face. Jesus is telling his followers to look to him in times of need so that we can get what we need. 

God will give us our daily needs when we turn to him. 

What Matthew 6:34 Means For Your Life Today

So, what does Matthew 6:34 mean for us today?

I think the meaning of Matthew 6:34 challenges us to give our worries and our needs to God. The temptation for many of us is to try and control everything. But the reality is we can’t, and when we try we find ourselves riddled with anxiety. 

In this verse Jesus is giving us a better way to live. Focus on today, don’t worry about tomorrow, and God will provide for our needs. 

Dr Tom Constable says this about Matthew 6:34, “Since we have such a promise backed up by the testimony of divine providence, we should not fret about tomorrow. Today has enough trouble or evil for us to deal with. Moreover the trouble we anticipate tomorrow may never materialize. God provides only enough grace so we can deal with life one day at a time. Tomorrow He will provide enough grace (help) for what we will face then.” 

Now I know for some that anxiety and worry are severe. And if that’s you I want to encourage you to seek out professional help. 

I am a firm believer that everyone needs counseling at some point in their life. Likely, multiple times. If you can’t shake the anxiety that’s weighing you down seek out professional help so that you can fully step into the freedom that God has for you. 

The meaning of Matthew 6:34 is an invitation to allow God to provide for you. You don’t need to worry; rather simply trust in him. So focus on today and allow God to meet your needs. 

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