The Inspirational Meaning Of Isaiah 6:8 (Here I Am Send Me)

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here I am. Send me!’ Isaiah 6:8 

This is an inspirational verse that records Isaiah responding to the calling that God placed on his life. But it is so much more than that; the meaning of Isaiah 6:8 also shows us how we should respond when God calls us. 

Isaiah 6:8 lays out a practical process for responding to God’s calling. It’s one that’s often missed but can be life-changing. Let’s take a look. 

The Context Of Isaiah 6:8 

Isaiah is one of the most significant books of prophecy and one of the most important books in the Bible. 

In Isaiah 6 we see the start of Isaiah’s work as a prophet. Isaiah describes a vision in which he sees the Lord sitting on the throne in the temple. This is an incredible scene and Isaiah is quickly overwhelmed in the moment. He recognizes how holy God is and how unclean he is. (Isaiah 6:5) 

In Isaiah 6:6-7 a seraphim cleanses him of his sin so that he can step into the calling God is about to place on him. After this incredible moment, Isaiah hears the voice of God as he calls to preach a message to the nation of Israel. 

Isaiah 6:8 records this incredible moment in Isaiah’s vision where God calls him to mission. Let’s take a look.

Isaiah 6:8 - Here I Am, Send Me

The Meaning Of Isaiah 6:8 

Let’s break down the Isaiah 6:8 meaning and see how it applies to our lives. 

Then I Heard The Voice Of The Lord Saying, “Whom Shall I Send? And Who Will Go For Us?” 

Isaiah has been symbolically cleansed from his sins and now hears the voice of the Lord. It’s important to note the order here. Before Isaiah is ready to step into the calling God has for him, he must first be convicted of his sin and cleansed of his sin. 

We see in this passage that there seems to be a shortage of people who are ready to step into God’s calling. The reason why so few are willing is because so few understand their sin and the length to which God has gone to make us ready to serve him. 

Isaiah understands God’s holiness and is now fully prepared to enter service. 

And I Said, “Here I Am Send Me!”

In response to the Lord asking, “Whom shall I send?” Isaiah speaks up and emphatically says, “Here I am send me!” 

This is an inspiring image of one responding to the call God had placed on their life. But it doesn’t just inspire us, it shows us how we can do the same. 

Again, pay attention to the way this happened. First, Isaiah was overcome by his own uncleanness, his sin. Second, the seraphim pointed him to God’s provision for cleansing his sin. And finally, God sends Isaiah out, giving the prophet an important mission to fulfill. Isaiah is eager and confident to live up to the calling that God has for him. 

This gives us a glimpse of how God wants to use each of us. God has an important mission for you. But before you are ready you need to understand your own sinfulness and accept the cleansing of Jesus’ blood on the cross. 

How Isaiah 6:8 Applies To Your Life 

Isaiah 6:8 is not only an inspirational Bible verse, it also teaches us how we can be used by God. To end I want to give you three ways you can apply this verse to your life. 

1. Repent 

Repent seems like a scary word, but really it’s not. To repent means to turn away from your old life (sin) and turn toward what God says is best. When we recognize that we are sinful and helpless on our own, that should bring us to a place of repentance. A place where we do not just feel bad for our sins, we actually turn away from them.

This is the first step in applying Isaiah 6:8 to our lives. We need to recognize our sinfulness and turn back to God. 

2. Accept God’s Grace

God gives us not what we deserve, but what we desperately need. When we turn to God seeking forgiveness, not only does he accept us back, but he pays the price for our sins. 

Just as Isaiah was cleansed, we too can be cleansed when we accept God’s grace. This grace has been extended to all. Not a single person is exempt.

Another way of saying this is to put your faith in God, the work of Jesus. When we place our hope in God’s only son we are accepting his gift of grace. It’s the act of holding out our hands to accept the gift he has for us. 

3. Go 

If you were to read the rest of the book of Isaiah you would see Isaiah living out the calling God had placed on him. He was one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament. All this happened simply because he said, “Here I am send me.” 

The same can be true for you. I believe God has placed you in a unique spot to make an impact on someone in a way that no one else can. He wants to use YOU. He can and He will. If you let Him. 

So, how will you respond? I hope you say yes, I hope you say, “Here I am send me.”

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