Disappointment With God

Let’s face it, at some point we have all felt disappointment with God. Whether from something tragic or God not providing the way we feel He should have. We have all felt it and rarely do we know what to do with it so we attempt to cover it up. 

Our house is officially on the market. It’s strange to think that by the end of August we will more than likely be without a home, traveling the country until God shows us our next step. God’s hand has been very evident in this process as He continues to provide and give us what we need. However that doesn’t keep doubts from creeping in. It’s crazy how quick I can go from trusting God to doubting He will come through. Nothing has even go wrong yet, but still there are times I feel God has let me down.

Here’s what I know. It’s easy to feel disappointment with God when things don’t go the way we planned or when it looks like things won’t go the way we planned.

So what do we do? What do we do when we feel disappointed with God? At some point we will all feel let down because of what God let happen or didn’t make happen.

I’ve had my fair share of moments I’ve felt that disappointment. Christmas of 2011 stranded on winter break from college I spent alone in a semi-strangers home. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I was stuck in a place without my friends and family. I felt abandoned and forgotten by God. I was there training to be in ministry yet God wasn’t coming through how I thought He should. So I went to the only open gas station and bought a case of Miller High Life and a frozen pizza. Hands down, the worst Christmas ever.

I’ve learned a lot since that Christmas. Sometimes life only makes sense in hindsight; I can see things now I couldn’t see then. While in the moment I thought God had forgotten about me, in hindsight I can clearly see how God was providing and caring for me. I still don’t know why things had to happen the way they did. But I do know God brought me through it, and I am a better follower of Jesus because of it. I am convinced God’s way is always better than my way.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since then is that I need constant reminders of who God is. It’s so easy in difficult moments to forget that God is with me, He cares, and He will provide. Without those reminders it’s impossible to remember God’s promises and it’s far too easy to get overwhelmed with disappointment.

John Piper says it like this: “But take these truths and day by day focus on them. Preach them to yourself every morning. Get alone with God and preach His word into your mind until your heart sings with confidence that you are new and cared for.”

That’s what I’m doing differently this time. Constantly preaching the truth of the Gospel to myself. When I get discouraged, I remind myself that God will bring me through it. When I don’t understand what is happening I remind myself that God’s plan is so much bigger than my perspective. When I feel that God isn’t coming through I remind myself that God’s timing and ways are much better than mine.

Listen, you will be disappointed with God at some point. In fact Jesus promised troubles and hardships if we are to follow Him. But He also promised to always be with us. Take heart in that. God is with you, preach that to yourself daily. Don’t let yourself forget that the God of the universe is with you and will not forsake you. Things might not make sense until we see it in hindsight on the other side of this earth. But God is constantly working things out for the good of those who trust Him.

Jeffery Curtis Poor
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