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If you have a book, service, podcast, website, church, or product that you want to expand the reach of I can help! I will get your products in-front of 1000s of people everyday for an affordable price! 

Rethink reaches over 1,200 people every single day and has 100,000+ ad impressions each month. The primary audience is Christians within the United States.

Let me help you get your product, service, podcast, website, or book out there!

About The Ads

Ad Placements Available:

  • 3 Spots Available In-Content (Appears In Every Post On-Site) – most popular
  • 2 Spots Available On Sidebar (Appears on every page)
  • 1 Spot In Footer (Appears at bottom of every page)

If you would like an ad placed somewhere else please let me know and I will see if we can work it out.

Currently I am running ads for 1 Week, 2 Week, or 4 Week increments.

I will accept most standard ad sizes. Just let me know what you are looking for and I will recommend a size. You are responsible for creating an image and providing link to product/site. I will place the link and image on the site.

Prices depend on where you want the ad and for how long. If you have questions or are interested please fill out the form below and include: Website/Product you want advertised and the duration you want your ad visible.

*I cannot guarantee traffic or sales, I can only give you an estimated amount of impressions.