3 Ways to Find Satisfaction in Our Lives

Have you ever wondered why it is that every time we watch the news it is nothing but death, bombings, and political corruption? Is life really that bad or is it just who we are? Do we just have this sick perversion for everything bad. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw a positive and uplifting story air on any local news. Right now in this political season it is all based on “Trump is a racist” and Hillary is a liar”. I don’t blame the news agencies for they broadcast what brings in viewership and ratings.

The problem is us as people. We have really no idea what it means to enjoy life, or stop and smell the roses. We as Christians are some of the worst offenders of this. We are in this state of never being satisfied. For example “we don’t have a big enough house, our kids do not listen well enough to us, money is too tight to take the kids on a vacation” This even crosses over into the church where we are never satisfied with how our churches operate. From there it is a small step into never being satisfied in worship.

This mentality of never being satisfied is also a precursor to other life issues. In two weeks I am putting out a post on what the Bible really says about divorce. Lets not be arrogant enough to think that this selfish mentality does not play part in divorce. We decide that complaining about everything is the appropriate avenue. We have lost the wisdom of still seeing the good in people even when we have disagreements. When we are not satisfied, somehow the solution seems to be complain as much as we can then cut and run.

This critical attitude and dissatisfaction with life comes from within us. It comes from the point that we have not let Christ bring us satisfaction. If we are not letting Christ work in our individual lives, don’t expect him to be the magic pill for our marriages, children’s relationships, or major health concerns. Our relationships with Christ have become so upside down. We complain and never are content with anything that he gives us. Do we even stop and appreciate the fact that he has given us life?

Something needs done! Here are 3 sure fire ways to start being satisfied in our lives.

1. Stop the constant complaining.

Can we not find one thing in our life to be thankful for? Can we not see one good quality in our spouses to encourage them on? Do we not see a little of ourselves in our children that makes us proud? Yes, there will be discontentments in our lives, in those moments we need to surround ourselves with godliness. Godliness cannot be stumbled upon, it comes from self-discipline and training we need to have in our own lives. Constant complaining of any issue never helped anyone. Constantly ridiculing our spouses, children, and coworkers will most definitely cause them to emotionally detach from us.

2. Lets be real!

Lets own up to the mistakes we make, or the idols that have ensnared us. By admitting our weaknesses, we can find the gracious love of Christ. From there we can find peace. If you are struggling in your marriage, and nothing seems to work. I completely recommend vulnerability, admit to your spouse that you have to be part of the problem. Apologize, for when we do that we extend grace. When we are authentic with the grace God has given us, we will be amazed at what can happen.

3. Set some achievable goals.

Yeah it might sound really self-help like, but we all know that the feeling we get when we complete something is that of satisfaction. Our work should not be the only area of our lives that has tasks or goals. Set some goals in our marriages, set some mile marks for our relationships with our children. If we would just set some mutual goals with our families and celebrate together when we complete them, happiness can be had. Yes, I am saying work at your marriage, put in some work hours for our kids. Our careers are not where happiness will be found. Happiness will be found through authentic community and companionship.

Let us all make a goal together, we will stop the pessimism, and take a breather to enjoy the things God has given us. We will no longer be transfixed on all the negative things that the world has to offer us. We will not let the horrible tone of this political season define us. We will only let our individual relationships with Christ define us. I did not write this just as a precursor to the divorce article I have coming out. I wrote this so that we all understand that if we do the three things that I mentioned it will assist us in every facet of life. Then satisfaction can be had, and happiness can set in.

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