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Why I’m Not Worried About the Election


I can’t stand election season. The smear campaigns. The empty promises. The arguments that erupt on social media. The politicians that quote scripture for their own gain. It all rubs me the wrong way.

What saddens me the most is the church’s involvement in it all. Remember that passage where Jesus said, “The world will know you are my disciples by how you vote?” Yeah neither do I. What he actually said went a little more like this, “The world will know you are my disciples by your love for one another.” (John 13:35)

I think we have it backwards today. Christians are often known more for their political affiliation and not their love for one another. I see a lot of Christians worrying way too much about the future of this country and not enough about the Kingdom of God. Christians often spend more time trying to convince others of their political views and next to no time telling them about Jesus. Something is wrong with that.

Now hear me on this, I don’t think voting is bad. I don’t think doing your research to make an informed decision is bad (in fact that’s good!). But as a follower of Christ this election will have no ultimate or lasting impact on me. Catch this. As a Christian my hope is not found in the next president. The next social program. The next law. Or anything else the government can do. My hope is found is Christ alone. Period.  

“As a Christian my hope is not found in the next president. The next social program. The next law. Or anything else the government can do. My hope is found is Christ alone. Period.”

It worries me to see people put so much hope in the next president because I know they will ultimately be let down. In 4 years we will be having the same conversations. It’s a lie that politics alone can make a lasting impact. How do I know that? Because at the root of all our problems is a heart issue. Our problems in this country aren’t money, or equality, or race, or immigration, or even abortion. Our problem is our heart. The rest are just symptoms.

Maybe if we get a really good president they could fix one of the many issues facing this country. Maybe. But something just as bad would pop up. Why? Because that issue is only a surface level problem. Our heart and sin are the real problem plaguing this country and the rest of the world. And no politician, no law, no government can ever fix that.

It’s not wrong to desire change for this country. It’s not wrong to vote for the person you feel is best for our country. However I believe we are putting to much hope in social change and not enough hope in Jesus. Real change, life change, comes from Jesus alone.

Don’t miss this. The president will never change the follower of Jesus’ mission. Our role on this earth stays the same, regardless of what the government does. How we live might change. Consequences for following Jesus could stack up. But at the end of the day no one but Jesus has the power to make any impactful change on our lives. No one.

So stop crying that the sky is falling. It’s not. God is still on the throne and all his promises are true. Could this country go down the drain? Maybe, I don’t know. But I do know that God’s Kingdom will remain.

“God is still on the throne and all his promises are true. Could this country go down the drain? Maybe, I don’t know. But I do know that God’s Kingdom will remain.”

Here are 3 things we can(should) do this election season:

  1. Pray for our current leaders. Yes that includes the one you hate.
  2. Don’t slander those you disagree with, love them.
  3. Keep your hope in Jesus alone.

Politics will never save the world; that’s what Jesus did on the cross. We have the privilege to vote for our convictions in this country. But we shouldn’t let that deter our hope in Jesus.

This might rub some of you the wrong way. And that’s fine. But ask yourself this. Where do your true priorities lie? God or country? Where does your hope come from? God or the next president? We all need to wrestle with those questions. We all need to check our hearts regularly to see where our hope is coming from. Because I know one thing, hope placed in anything or anyone on this earth will only let us down.


Jeffery Curtis Poor

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    Very well written! Thank you for the timely reminder of Who is in control. J.

    Jeffery Poor

    Thank you for stopping by and reading!


    Reading this article has really convicted me of the amount of attention I give politics and of course I don’t think politics can save the world. But what about fighting evil? What about those who are using liberal doctrine, not to destroy the country, but to destroy the church and make it a den of scum perversity. While the article made some great points regarding how the problems of our nation are really a problem of the heart (which I do agree with) what about the call to be lovers of good “thirstying after righteousness? Yes, we are to love… Read more »

    I feel the same as you on this. We can’t let the media, other opinions or even fellow Christians prey on the truth of God’s control over our government. He is ultimately in charge so we have nothing to fear. Turn off the news. Read a book. The Bible is a great one. Care for an aging friend. Pray for our leaders. All that is going to do much more than wasting time worrying about the future. Thanks for a great post.

    Jeffery Poor

    You are right! Worrying cannot add a day to our life. Yet there are so many things we could be doing instead that add to others lives.


    Wide spread political replacement of God is a cancer of great concern in democracy. A true soul revival in the USA located church is due. Without God democracy will not operate properly. Same goes for capitalism which is another looming problem. God is the heartbeat of all good that can happen to mankind. The only one who can safely sit on the throne of our or any life is God in His three persons. This is the revival of true abundant life. Nothing can replace this truth and thrive very long. Don’t be confused existing is not thriving. Grace is… Read more »

    Jeffery Poor

    I love Micah 6:8, thanks for sharing!


    Well said!

    Jeffery Poor

    Thanks for stopping by Shelley!

    My hope is built on nothing less… Light and Love, Shona

    Jeffery Poor

    Very true, thanks for commenting!